Inflatable Water Slide Rentals

 On a hot day in Florida there is nothing better than cooling off on one of our huge wet water slides.  Our water slides are the perfect sizes for toddlers up to Adult size teens. We offer many styles and options to suit your needs . Just call, Text or email for any questions and we will be happy to assist you.  

water slides
Pirate Bounce and Slide $195.00
Double Lane Slip Slide $225.00
Sesame Street Bounce & Slide $195.00
Disney Princess Bounce & Slide $195.00
Sports Bounce & Slide $195.00
Monster Truck Bounce & Slide $195.00
Generic Bounce & Slide $195.00
13 Foot Double Slide $185.00
Mickey & Friends Combo $185.00
18 Foot Double Lane Water Slide $300.00
New 22 Foot Double Lane Water Slide $350.00
new 13 foot water slide $195.00
new 17 Foot single wet or dry slide $250.00
new 16 Foot Dolphin Water Slide $240.00
Big Kahuna 20 foot wave Slide $325.00
new 16 foot multi colored water slide $225.00