Inflatable Obstacle Course, Rock Climbing  Wall, & Dunk Tank Rentals

These interactive games are what every kid wants and needs on their birthday or special day. Each activity provides a competitive challenge that most kids enjoy while competing against each other in games of skill and endurance. 

Rock Climbing Wall 3 hr min $600.00
Zero Gravity Sticky Wall $275.00
40 Foot Exteme Challange Obstacle Course $350.00
Gladiator Joust $275.00
Bungee Run $275.00
3 Pc. Big Blue Obstacle Course $450.00
32 Foot Zip Thru Obstacle Course $300.000
Dunk Tank $250.00
Equalizer Bungee Sports Challenge $275.00
Bubble Soccer $500.00
Construction Zone Obstacle Course 12 x 35 $300.00
toddler Obstacle Course $250.00